A live TV feed is briefly shown in the D-backs’ dugout during the game.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A monitor in Arizona’s dugout at Oracle Park showed a live television feed during the first inning of Monday night’s game between the Diamondbacks and Giants, and D-backs manager Torey Luvolo had a Days later said he immediately alerted the umpires. Technical error.

Arizona lost 6-1 on Monday night. Luvolo said Tuesday that he informed chief of staff Dan Bellino about the live feed to make sure there was no misunderstanding about possible cheating.

Luolo also told Bellino that he had instructed his players not to look at the two monitors in one corner of the dugout. The two screens normally show feeds from both clubs’ bullpens, but there was something wrong with the control center for one of the monitors on Arizona’s side.

“We have zero control over them, zero,” Lovolo said. “It’s all indoors, upstairs, play-by-play. After the first pitch it went on as a live feed — we had a live game feed inside our dugout, so everybody was trying to shut it down.” . I said, ‘Stay away from it, it’s like fire, don’t even go near it,’ because if something happens where someone sees us trying to shut it down and there’s a live feed, you But something will be blamed.”

Instead of stopping the game — “I felt it was unfair,” Lovolo said — he waited until the end of the inning. Carson Kelly attempted to end the inning on a ball down the middle of the plate, which Lovullo said at least showed no one was cheating.

The monitor was switched to a bullpen feed at the bottom of the first.

Luvolo also spoke with Giants manager Gabby Kapler to make sure there was no live feed in the Giants’ dugout. There wasn’t.

“Yeah, I thought Torrey was thoughtful for us,” Kapler said in a text message before the game. The topic did not come up in his first pregame media session.

Luolo took no chances.

“It’s a very, very hot topic in baseball,” he said. “I never want to be accused of cheating. This organization operates with honesty and I just wanted to make sure I was as honest as possible.”


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