A video of the birth of an elephant in a Kenyan reserve has gone viral.

On Monday, a video of an elephant giving birth in icy conditions went viral, garnering more than 8.5 million views in a day.

The one-minute clip posted on Twitter was reportedly taken in Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve and shows elephant Rocking back and forth as it pushes the baby out.

The video begins with the baby emerging from the mother’s body, already seen below.

As the female elephant swings back and forth, raising her trunk in an effort to push hard, kid comes out, surrounded by the afterbirth.

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Elephants give birth standing up, and the birth itself lasts a few minutes, as the video shows.

Mothers usually eat after giving birth to avoid detection by predators.

Pregnant mothers carry the fetus. 22 monthsthe longest gestation period of any mammal.

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The family unit supports the child from birth, providing love, guidance and support throughout its development.

The video ends with the elephants approaching and surrounding the mother and baby. The family unit is known to form a circle around the woman as she gives birth to protect her during childbirth.

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Featured image via Gabriel Corno

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