‘Bachelorette’ host slammed for not being honest about contestant getting COVID

on the On Monday night, one man, Logan Palmer, tested positive after a group date earlier in the day, but before a cocktail party that was ultimately canceled. The host broke the news to Gabby, but she didn’t tell the guys the whole truth, which had Bachelor Nation a bit over the top.

“As you can probably tell by now, Logan isn’t here. A situation has arisen with Logan. And because of that, there’s no party,” Jesse vaguely tells the boys. Spencer asks if Logan is okay, to which Jesse replies, “Logan’s doing, yeah, Logan’s doing fine. .”

Ominous way thought Jesse did not Inform the rest of the guys about Logan testing positive for Covid, especially since they were all hanging out on a group date earlier in the day, kind of messed up because they have a right to know. They were exposed to the virus.

And after that moment in the episode, there really wasn’t any more mention of Logan or a Covid exposure, until later on when Gabby suddenly said, “I had to send Nate home and then Logan’s with us for the rest of it.” Can’t join. Our journey. And so now I have four men.” This statement raised more questions bachelorette Fans, like — why does Logan getting Covid mean he’s no longer on the show? Other viewers speculated that Logan killed himself because he realized he wasn’t into Gabi.

In case you missed it, two weeks ago, Logan caused a ruckus when he switched teams from the other Bachelorette, because he decided he had strong feelings for Gabi. Bachelor Nation didn’t like the fact that Gabby let Logan join her boys’ group, especially since he was accepting roses from Rachel week after week, knowing she wasn’t that into him. .

Fortunately, Gabby wasn’t too upset about Logan leaving. Finally, she shared, “This week, I had to send Nate home, and then Logan can’t join us for the rest of our trip. And so now I have four men, but I still have tough decisions to make. There are. It’s been a lot of thinking to consider Hometown, but I think I have a pretty good idea of ​​how I want to proceed in tonight’s Rose Ceremony.”

bachelorette Airs on Mondays at 8 pm ABC.

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