Demand for the legendary Bayraktar drones, used to defend against a Russian invasion, is so high that their Turkish manufacturer is building a new factory in Ukraine.

AB model of Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA in Korlu, Turkey.Photos by Baykar Press Office/dia via Getty Images

  • Baykar, the Turkish company behind Bayraktar drones, is building a new plant in Ukraine.

  • Drones became legendary in Ukraine after being used early in the invasion to destroy Russian tanks.

  • Baykar’s CEO said in an interview that the company currently has a three-year backlog of orders.

A Turkish drone maker that has supplied Ukraine with unmanned aerial vehicles used in self-defense against a Russian invasion is planning to build a new factory in the country as demand for it increases. It has since been left behind for three years.

Haluk Bayraktar, CEO of Turkish defense firm Baykar, said in an interview with Ukraine’s Come Back Alive Foundation that the company currently has the capacity to produce 20 of its Bayraktar TB2 drones a month, but that it would build a new facility. wants to increase with Ukraine

“We see Ukraine as our strategic partner,” Byraktor said, adding that the company has already started construction of a Ukrainian factory.

Bayraktar told the Com Back Alive Foundation that increased demand for the company’s UAVs has meant it has been “booked for about 3 years now.”

“As these systems prove themselves in the field, more countries are interested in them,” he said.

Baykar representatives did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on the plans.

Baykar’s drones, particularly its popular Bayraktar TB2 drone, have achieved legendary status in Ukraine after they were used at the start of a campaign to destroy large numbers of Russian vehicles. Their popularity even inspired a viral folk song.

Bayraktar TB2s played a prominent role in Ukraine’s early defense efforts against Russia and were credited with destroying attacking Russian tanks and armored vehicles.

Baykar told the foundation that the Ukrainian plant will produce these drones along with its other models – Bayraktar Akıncı and Bayraktar Kizilelma.

In June, the company donated three Bayraktar TB2 drones to Ukraine after turning down $20 million in crowdfunding. The company said the funds should go to “the struggling people of Ukraine.” A statement was shared on Twitter.

While an important part of Ukraine’s initial military response to Russia, experts told Insider that Turkish drones are becoming less effective as Russian forces ramp up their air defenses and electronic warfare.

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