DOJ officials were alarmed by surveillance footage of the Mar-a-Lago room where classified information was being stored, the report said.

Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.GIORGIO VIERA/AFP via Getty Images

  • FBI agents obtained highly classified information during their raid of Mar-a-Lago last week.

  • The search was triggered by new evidence the DOJ discovered, the NYT reported.

  • The report said it included footage from the Mar-a-Lago storage facility that alarmed authorities.

Federal agents were asked to request a warrant to search Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate after reviewing new footage of a hallway outside a storage facility, The New York Times reports. reported.

The Times reported Tuesday that the National Archives and Records Administration, which stores records of past presidential administrations, contacted Trump’s legal team earlier this year after key documents disappeared from Trump administration records. .

The president’s team handed over several boxes of materials in January. The Justice Department then returned to Mar-a-Lago in June to collect several more documents marked classified, which were not returned after the original request.

After obtaining surveillance footage from Mar-a-Lago through a subpoena, agents saw something that alarmed them in a hallway recording outside a storage room, The Times reported, citing people familiar with the investigation. .

The Times reported that agents also received evidence from a witness that more classified material remained in the storage room.

The report did not specify what authorities saw in the footage.

On August 8, FBI agents searched Mar-a-Lago, recovering several boxes allegedly containing highly classified information about America’s nuclear capabilities.

Agents were working on a warrant that was unsealed Friday and believed Trump violated the Espionage Act by keeping the documents after he left office.

Trump has tried to portray the find as politically motivated, but he has since changed his story to claim that the documents kept at Mar-a-Lago were from his time as president. was declassified during

He has claimed that he fully cooperated with the DOJ as it sought to recover the documents. But reports indicate that he was given several opportunities to comply with requests to return the material before the FBI’s search.

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