Former Rudy Giuliani associate Leo Parnas outlined the branches of the ‘Trump crime family’ on Twitter.

Then-President-elect Donald Trump is seen with his children (from left) Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. at Trump Tower in New York on January 11, 2017.Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

  • Former Rudy Giuliani associate Leo Parnas outlined the “Trump crime family” on Twitter.

  • Parnas likened Trump to his “godfather” and his former boss Giuliani to Trump’s “author.”

  • He also highlighted the role of each member of the Trump family in the organization.

Former Rudy Giuliani associate Leo Parnas weighed in on the “Trump crime family” on Tuesday, likening Trump and his associates to the Mafia.

Pernas is a one-time Trump supporter and Giuliani “fixer” who was convicted in October of involvement in shadow diplomacy in Ukraine, which led to the former president’s impeachment. He has since become a critic of Trump.

Trump first said he didn’t know Parnassus, later threatening to troll Trump and release a new photo of them together each time he made a false claim.

On Tuesday, Pernas described in a Twitter thread a summary of what he believed to be a web of Trump associates whom he compared to high-ranking members of the Mafia.

in this TweetParnas likened Trump to a “godfather” while referring to Giuliani as Trump’s “writer” or adviser, and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows as an “underboss.”

Parnas again shed light on who he thought the “cappos” were Short for Capo Regime, which refers to a ranking captain with significant social status in the Mafia. According to Pernas, these “caposes” were Truth Social head Devin Nunes, Trump confidant Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Ron Johnson, and Rep. Jim Jordan.

Parnassus too shed light 15 GOP lawmakers and conservative media figures, grouping them into the category of “Trump family soldiers.” That separately Grouped 12 more people. – including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – under “Trump Family Associates.”

Parnassus too I weight On the roles of each of Trump’s children and their spouses.

“Trump family members — @DonaldJTrumpJr — just want someone to love them,” Pernas tweeted. “@Eric Trump – Can’t believe his dad is going to make him the fall guy.”

Pernas added that Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner “just want to keep their stolen money.”

Representatives from Trump’s post-presidency press office and the Trump Organization did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment. Insider has also reached out to representatives for Giuliani, Meadows, Nunes, Graham, Johnson, Jordan, and DeSantis for comment.

Parnas is not the first person to liken Trump and his allies to the mob. Earlier this month, former FBI official Frank Figliozzi likened several of Donald Trump’s allies — including Representative Matt Gaetz and conservative figure Roger Stone — to members of the Mafia, calling Trumpworld “a criminal organization.”

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