‘Goopa!’ Eva Longoria sits on a boat in a bikini after a political trip to Miami.

Eva Longoria managed to do a lot of activities during a weekend in Miami, while touching on some hot-button topics.

On Saturday, the one-time “Desperate Housewives” star attended an event for Podrestas, which empowers Latinos to vote in the upcoming midterm elections, at the Museum of Graffiti in Wynwood.

The 47-year-old mother of one said that despite the fact that she is known as a TV and film star and people tell her to “shut up and act”, she is also an activist and advocate for change. Want to see.

“My mother is a teacher, my sister is special needs, and my father is a veteran. I vote for all of these people, and I care about all of these people. So don’t let anyone tell you, ‘Oh. , you’re a teacher, just shush,’ or ‘you’re a dentist, just shush’. No! We’re all citizens!”

The wine entrepreneur’s journey wasn’t all business. Longoria also apparently spent a little less time on the water.

On Instagram, she is seen slouching in a blue bikini, captioning the stunning shot “Vitamin C.” The photo, clearly not in the Sunshine State thanks to the beautiful mountain range, received more than 77,000 likes. Among her 8.8 million fans was comedian Chelsea Handler, who joked, “OMG. Are you okay???? This is taxing!”

Co-star Melanie Griffith complimented her friend in Spanish: “Guppa!”

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