How To Begin Studying Your Personal Astrology Chart When You are Bored At Dwelling

Acquired some further time in your fingers at dwelling? Similar. Whereas marathon-watching each present in your Netflix queue or scrolling by Instagram till your fingers go numb are strong methods to cross the hours, would not it’s enjoyable to do one thing extra productive? When you’re into astrology, studying your individual start chart is an effective way to get to know the cosmic model of your self that goes far past the surface-level description of your solar signal. Consider this as remedy, leisure, and the world’s most intense character take a look at all wrapped into one. As a result of sure, studying your horoscope, discovering your rising signal, and digging beneath the floor of your moon signal is nice — however if you need the complete image of your astrological self, then diving into the cosmic goldmine of data that’s your start chart is a should.

Whereas consulting an expert astrologer is one of the best ways to get the within scoop in your start chart and its many distinctive complexities, there’s nonetheless a lot of astrological data you possibly can achieve by yourself by merely utilizing the web as a instrument. Doing so will enable you be taught extra about each astrology and your self, and there is an countless quantity of data to be explored.

Able to get began? Let’s dive into the straightforward fundamentals of studying an astrology chart so you may get your DIY cosmic evaluation on.

What’s A Beginning Chart In Astrology?


Your start chart, aka a natal chart, is actually an astrological map that depicts the cosmos in the meanwhile you had been born. An astrology chart takes this data for any given time and lays all of it out on a round, pie-shaped map that is divided up into completely different sections of the sky, and inside this chart lie all of the zodiac indicators and planets. However your chart is greater than a snapshot of the celebs — it will also be used as a “map to understanding your self,” in response to astrologer Lisa Stardust. “The start chart is predicated on the time, start date, and placement of start, and no two are the identical — which is why it’s so particular and distinctive,” Stardust tells Bustle. “It helps you navigate your function and course in life.”

How To Get Began Studying An Astrology Chart

Very first thing’s first: you want your start time. That is required with a purpose to draw up an correct start chart, as a number of the factors in your chart are completely depending on it. If you cannot get your start time, you possibly can nonetheless get a reasonably strong thought of what signal every of your planets is in — however some components of your chart shall be incomplete with no start time.

Subsequent, you may have to punch your start date, time, and placement right into a start chart calculator. There are many free natal chart calculators on-line, or you should use an astrology app to drag up your chart, too. When you pull up your chart, you may know, because it’ll be a pie-shaped chart with a lot of strains, symbols, and numbers on it, which seems complicated, however we’ll undergo the most important components that comprise it, so you may have a greater thought of what you are taking a look at.

As you analysis the completely different elements your chart, chances are you’ll discover some less-than-stellar interpretations of sure planetary alignments — and that is OK. A tough cosmic scenario in your chart doesn’t suggest you are doomed to a disastrous life. “There’s no such factor as a ‘dangerous’ chart,” Stardust says. “Usually occasions, individuals get wired if they’ve a loopy facet of their chart — however most of us have this happening.” Simply as each zodiac signal has its strengths and weaknesses, every planetary alignment — even the more durable ones — can be utilized to your benefit. “We be taught to work with the vitality [of our chart] and work by these tense points in life, which might make them not dangerous in any respect,” Stardust says.

Zodiac Indicators In The Beginning Chart


Let’s begin with the primary must-know aspect of your start chart: the indicators of the zodiac, which divide your chart into twelve segments. As chances are you’ll recall from geometry class, a circle is made up of 360° — and since there are twelve indicators in our chart, every signal is made up of 30° (that is what all these little tick-marks on the perimeter of your start chart are!). You’ll rapidly be taught that do not simply have one signal influencing you — all twelve indicators are integrated in your start chart, and so they all carry an affect over completely different elements of your life.

“Indicators are used to explain how the planets carry out,” Stardust says. “[For example,] if Venus is in Taurus it should tackle a sensual function, whereas if Venus is in Gemini then it turns into extra mental primarily based.” The vitality of the indicators modifications the way in which the planets categorical themselves.

What Are Homes In Astrology?


Subsequent we’ve got one other vital set of 12 segments of your zodiac chart: the 12 homes, which signify “completely different areas of life,” in response to Stardust. Every home signifies part of your life and your self — and these realms get extra advanced, interactive, and even esoteric as you rise by the homes. So whereas the primary home represents your primary sense of self and id, the twelfth and remaining home represents non secular enlargement and better consciousness. You possibly can learn all in regards to the twelve homes of the zodiac right here to search out out the which means behind each.

When inspecting your homes, have a look at which signal the “cusp” (or the road that designates the place the home begins) falls into. That is the signal that governs mentioned home in your chart. You possibly can be taught rather a lot about it by performing some web analysis. For instance, in case your first home cusp is in Gemini, merely Google “first home in Gemini” to search out out the news on what sort of vitality influences the a part of your life that the home represents.

There are 4 essential home cusps in your chart, and people are the 4 factors on the X/Y axis, or the cusps of your first, fourth, seventh, and tenth homes (you possibly can see them marked within the chart above). Probably the most notable are the cusp of your first home (aka your ascendant or rising signal and represents your surface-level self). And the cusp of your tenth home — which is also referred to as your Midheaven signal and represents your final profession path and life function. When you simply need the fundamentals, begin by researching the position within the zodiac of these 4 homes in your chart to get an total thought of what you are working with.

What Are The Main Planets In Astrology?


Clearly we would not be speaking astrology if we did not get into a number of the cosmos’ most notable gamers: the planets. There are 10 main planets in astrology (which incorporates the solar and the moon), and each represents a special a part of ourselves. “The planets are the ‘vibes’ in our life that describe how we go about getting, sustaining, and reaching issues,” Stardust says. You possibly can learn in regards to the astrological which means of every planet right here to offer your self a greater understanding.

You most likely already know your solar signal (that is the signal you learn your horoscope for), and chances are you’ll already know your moon signal and rising signal, too. As you look at your chart, you may need to have a look at two issues in regards to the planets to begin with: what signal they’re in, and what home they’re in. The signal {that a} planet is in will present you the way in which you’ll categorical that planet’s qualities. So for instance, in case you have Mercury (planet of communication) in Leo, you may most likely categorical your self in a flamboyant, gregarious, and attention-grabbing Leonian means. Moreover, the home that the planet is in will present you the a part of your life the place that planet’s qualities will present up most. Strive looking issues like “Venus within the fourth home” or “Mars in Taurus” to learn completely different astrologers’ interpretations of your placements.

What Do Points Imply In Astrology?


Now that which indicators and homes the planets reside in inside your start chart, it is time to check out how the planets’ energies play out with one another, given the association that they had been in at your time of start. These planetary placements and relationships are known as points, and so they inform us whether or not planets are getting alongside — or stirring up some cosmic drama. “The points are how the planets act when in several indicators,” Stardust says. “They present how one will get issues or takes motion in life.”

Points are merely labels for various angles between the planets in your chart, and you’ll determine them out primarily based on the planetary levels (cue a flashback to geometry class). There are numerous completely different points that planets can type, however the 5 main points are conjunctions (0° aside), sextiles (60° aside), trines (120° aside), squares (90° aside), and oppositions (180° aside). You possibly can learn all in regards to the 5 main points in astrology right here. Some points are identified to be fortunate and useful, whereas others are identified to be more difficult and irritating — nevertheless it all will depend on the planets concerned. Take a look at the points between the planets in your chart and Google to search out out the news in your private challenges, strengths, fortunate factors, and extra.


When you dive into analyzing your start chart DIY fashion, you may rapidly notice that there’s a lot extra to find out about astrology, and that your private astrology is rather more advanced than most individuals would ever guess if they’d taken the time to look past their horoscope. Whereas the directions right here solely scratch the floor of retrieving the cosmic nuggets of knowledge that may be dug up by chart studying, it is a good begin — and I promise that it will give you hours of cosmic steering that can enable you really feel extra in contact with your self and the universe.

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