‘I suffer from complex mental health issues’

Ezra Miller Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Flash Star Ezra Miller is getting help after facing a string of criminal charges.

The actor has broken his silence on his legal troubles in a new statement. Variety After being arrested multiple times this year and charged with assault and battery.

“Having recently gone through a period of severe crisis, I now understand that I suffer from complex mental health issues and am in the process of receiving treatment,” Miller said. “I want to apologize to everyone that I have been upset and upset by my past behavior.

Miller has faced multiple charges in recent months: the first for disorderly conduct at a bar, the second for allegedly assaulting a woman after throwing a chair at her, and the third for allegedly stealing alcohol from a Vermont home. for felony theft after Additionally, Miller has been accused of grooming.

The allegations have raised questions about how Warner Bros. will handle the release. FlashA tentpole superhero movie starring Miller that is slated for release next year. A recent report in The Hollywood Reporter He said the studio was considering three options: releasing the film as planned, but only after enlisting Miller’s help and explaining his behavior. Releasing the film with Miller not playing a prominent role in marketing; And ending the movie completely.

Based on Miller’s apology, it looks like the studio has chosen the first option, and as of now, the film is on track for a June 2023 release.

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