‘John Wick’ Prequel ‘The Continental’ Will Premiere on Peacock in 2023

Lionsgate’s lucrative John Wick franchise, which has grossed more than $600 million worldwide in its first three films, is being expanded into a streaming miniseries. Peacock, NBCUniversal’s in-house streamer and Lionsgate today announced that “The Continental,” a three-part special event will be shown as an original program on the former’s subscription platform.

“The John Wick films have become a global phenomenon, one of the most-watched titles at Peacock and we are thrilled and honored to partner with Lionsgate to expand this incredible franchise,” said Kelly Campbell, president, Peacock & Direct-to-consumer said.

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“The Continental” will be set around the hotel that has been the center of action for each of the three films where the killers rest between assignments. In the films, Ian McShane plays Winston, the hotel manager. Colin Woodell will play Winston in the 1975-set prequel, joined by Ayomide Adegun as Charon, Peter Green, and Mel Gibson as Cormac.

Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward will both write and perform for the series event. Albert Hughes (“Menace II Society,” “The Book of Eli”) will direct two episodes, with Charlotte Brandstrom (“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”) the middle one.

The series has been hinting for years, and from the beginning as a non-theatrical event. This is important to note as this is not a sign of Lionsgate switching gears to home viewing as a more recent option. The company owns Starz, its premium cable channel/satellite TV network, with its future including potential sales uncertain. Initially, it was speculated that Starz would be where the “Continental” would appear.

Lionsgate and Universal previously co-produced the series “Get Christy Love” and “Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist.” Peacock has a pay-to-theatrical output deal with Lionsgate for subsequent theatrical films. “Continental” isn’t a co-production though.

With Peacock currently streaming Vick films, Symmetry is also logical for this program to be a platform. Whether this suggests any further connection between the two companies is unknown.

Lionsgate will release “John Wick 4” worldwide in March 2023.

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