Leo Zodiac Indicators’ Greatest Weaknesses, In accordance To An Astrologer

In case your delivery date falls between roughly July 23 and Aug. 22, meaning you’re a Leo — some of the assured, inventive, and charismatic indicators of the zodiac. Simply watch out for letting all this reward go to a Leo’s head, as a result of these hearth indicators can turn out to be prideful, pompous, and simply plain stuffed with themselves. The regal lions of astrology actually have innumerable traits that deem them worthy of our worship, however understanding Leo zodiac indicators’ greatest weaknesses helps us know them in an much more holistic method.

Leos are the mounted hearth indicators of the zodiac, so these passionate individuals are simply as loyal as they’re vigorous. They’re additionally infamous highlight hogs with a penchant for drama — although aren’t all of us now and again? All zodiac indicators have their very own distinctive mix of strengths and weaknesses, and none are inherently “good” or “unhealthy.” Plus, everybody’s delivery chart has all 12 indicators in it, so even when we don’t have our solar, moon, or rising indicators in Leo, its zodiacal qualities are nonetheless an vital piece of who we’re.

Glamorous Leos don’t prefer to be criticized, so with regards to breaking down Leo zodiac indicators’ greatest weaknesses, maybe we’re higher off calling them “progress factors” as a substitute. Both method, understanding the complete spectrum of Leo zodiac traits may also help you higher perceive the zodiac on the entire — particularly should you’re making an attempt to be taught extra about your private planetary placements or get nearer to the Leos in your life.

1. They Have Huge Egos

Leos are their very own greatest followers, and it’s one of many issues we love about them. Nevertheless, on a regular basis and power they spend specializing in themselves can generally trigger their egos to inflate to an disagreeable diploma. There’s a high-quality line between confidence and cockiness, and Leos should watch out of falling on the mistaken aspect of the divide.

2. Their Huge Egos Are Additionally Fragile

It’s simple to imagine {that a} Leo’s sense of confidence is unshakable, however these cosmic lions even have surprisingly fragile egos, and it may be exhausting for them to take criticism gracefully. In the event that they really feel like they’re not getting the credit score or consideration they deserve, they’ll shortly turn out to be sulky, unhappy, and delicate.

3. They All the time Need To Be Proper

As one of many mounted indicators of the zodiac, Leos tend to be somewhat bit cussed. In a Leo’s world, no matter they are saying goes — and if anybody challenges their authority or tries to right them on one thing, it may well set off their fiery tempers. They usually have bother admitting that they made a mistake or have been mistaken about one thing.

4. They’re A Little Overdramatic

Leos can’t assist it in the event that they love drama — these natural-born performers merely wish to make life as thrilling as doable! However generally their have to stir the pot can result in battle and bother. As one of many hearth indicators, it’s exhausting for Leos to include their feistiness, however they need to watch out for blowing issues out of proportion or fanning somebody’s flames.

5. They Can Be Self-Absorbed

As a result of they’re the zodiac signal dominated by the solar, it’s simple for Leos to imagine that your complete photo voltaic system revolves round them. This tendency to view themselves as the middle of the universe can generally make them somewhat self-absorbed. They will simply get caught up and carried away in their very own dramas and overlook that different individuals have lives, too.

6. They’re Born Divas

“Don’t you understand who I’m?” stated Leos in all places. Madonna, J. Lo, and Kylie Jenner are all Leos — so diva conduct is mainly constructed into this zodiac signal’s cosmic DNA. Even when a Leo doesn’t but have their title in lights, these feisty hearth indicators can generally come off as being somewhat bit entitled and high-maintenance.

7. They Spend Too A lot Time In Entrance Of The Mirror

It’s true that Leos love the sight of their very own reflection — they’re hardly ever capable of cross a shiny floor with out trying out the glory of their hair or the perfection of their outfit. This sort of confidence can usually encourage the individuals round them, however when it turns into vainness, it may be off-putting.

8. They Want Heaps Of Consideration

Simply as you’ll be able to’t ignore the solar within the sky, you’ll be able to’t very effectively ignore a Leo, both. These cosmic starlets hate to really feel like they’re fading into the background of any state of affairs. Leos want numerous consideration and so they crave the heat of the highlight, so that they’ll do no matter it takes to make sure that individuals’s eyes keep on them.

9. They Can Be Prideful

In astrology, Leos are represented by the image of the lion — and like their animal ruler, they’re recognized for his or her satisfaction. Leos have loads of a hubris and so they’re not recognized for being humble. As soon as they really feel they’ve been embarrassed or their honor has been compromised, they’re unlikely to offer one thing — or somebody — a second likelihood.

10. They Get Caught Up In Traits

Leos are naturally cool and widespread, however generally the strain they placed on themselves to remain related can stifle their distinctive model of creativity. The Leo tendency to attempt to sustain with the Joneses and observe traits could make them come off as shallow or clout-obsessed. It’s vital for Leos to honor their very own sense of fashion and never fear a lot about what others assume.

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