Personality Test: Your Sitting positions reveals these personality traits

In our earlier personality tests, we investigated the characteristics of people based on a variety of factors, including the shape of their nose, the posture in which they sleep, the type of coffee they prefer, how they walk, and more. Another one of our popular personality quizzes is back, and this time it examines how you sit and what that tells us about you.

It has been revealed through behavioral tests conducted by experts that the position of one’s legs can reflect one’s personality. There is some truth to the idea that our legs and feet can reveal information about our personalities. The legs are said to function based on commands that are fired through our subconscious, which is hardwired to either move in the direction of what we want or move away in the case of danger or negative emotions such as nervousness, anxiety, boredom, insecurities, and other similar feelings. According to the experts, the legs function based on commands that are fired through our subconscious.
Studies that are rather interesting have shown that airline employees on flights are instructed to look for passengers sitting with their ankles crossed as an indication of worry or anxiety so that they might offer assistance to those passengers. During the course of their training, the cabin crew is instructed to ask these passengers, typically more than once, whether they want anything else as a means of assisting them in opening up and becoming more relaxed.

Are you curious to find out what your sitting posture reveals about your character?

Sitting Position #1: Knees Straight

Sitting Position Knees Straight Personality Traits

Important Characteristics: Intelligent, Rational Thinkers; Punctual, Smart Workers; Lover of Cleanliness; Honest, yet Reserved; Cleanliness Lovers;

People who sit with their knees straight during job interviews are seen as more qualified for the role they are interviewing for, according to the findings of a study that was conducted by academics at Ohio State University. They are also discovered to be someone who has confidence in themselves and the abilities they possess. They have a healthy and optimistic view toward themselves, and as a direct consequence of this, they have fewer feelings of insecurity.

A high level of confidence can also be deduced from the fact that the knees are kept straight while sitting upright. These individuals are well educated, capable of logical and rational thought, and they observe punctuality in all aspects of their lives. They have the lowest risk of arriving late to any location, whether it be a meeting or an interview.

They are more likely to work intelligently and to keep their settings, whether it be their house, kitchen, or workplace space, as well as their workspace, nice and in order. It is highly likely that their homes or places of employment will be spotless, with everything in its appropriate location.

They are straightforward, although they keep to themselves a lot. They will refrain from slandering others or talking about other individuals behind their backs. They would prefer not make a spectacle or get engaged in arguments, so they will try to keep their feelings under control and remain to themselves.

They have the capacity to maintain composure in all kinds of challenging circumstances, and as a result, they rarely find themselves without perspective. Their levelheaded mindset also enables them to pick up on any shifts in the surrounding environment or routine happenings in their day-to-day lives.

Sitting Position #2: Knees Apart

Sitting Position Knees Apart Personality Traits

Major characteristics include being self-absorbed, arrogant, and judgmental, as well as having a short attention span and being easily bored.

It has been observed that individuals who sit with their knees apart give off the impression that they are preoccupied with themselves. They give off the impression of being superior and judgmental as well. However, contrary to what appears to be the case at first glance, research has shown the exact reverse to be true. If I had to guess, I’d say that you’re the type of person who is easily stressed out and worried. You have such an intense focus on attaining perfection that you are often plagued by the worry that something may go wrong.

According to a recent piece of research, persons who sit with their knees apart tend to have more disordered minds and schedules. They are easily distracted and have problems concentrating because of their short attention span. They are so preoccupied with discovering new things and being captivated by them that they are unable to perform a single activity to its full potential.

They believe that they are speaking wisely, yet in most cases, their thoughts are jumbled. They either talk without first considering the implications of what they are saying, or even worse, they forget in the middle of the conversation what they were going to say.

They are prone to experiencing boredom. They could also become disenchanted in a relationship and break it off. These individuals require an excessive amount of exciting energy to be around them. They have to be prodded and disciplined on a consistent basis in order for them to function in an ordered manner, whether it is in their relationships or at work.

It’s common for men to sit with their knees spread apart, a position that’s also known as “manspreading.” However, psychologists tend to view men who do this as “man-children” who require regular mothering or the guidance of another person to stay on course.

Sitting Position #3: Crossed Legs

Sitting Position Crossed Legs Personality Traits

Characteristics that are essential include artistic, creative, imaginative, dreamer, and defensive or closed-off.

Are you artistic? Do you frequently find yourself dreaming while keeping your eyes open? It appears that you frequently sit with your legs crossed in this manner. Right? Studies have shown that people who sit with their legs crossed are more likely to have novel and original ideas popping into their heads at random intervals. Your thinking is very inventive and creative. You are definitely a dreamer. While seated with other people, it’s easy to become distracted and lose track of your line of thought. You often have a large personality, but you are not likely to dominate the space in the room due to the fact that you don’t take up much of it.

The posture of sitting with one’s legs crossed gives the impression that one is hostile or closed off. It’s possible that you’re guarded and can’t or won’t let someone into your life because of this. Either you are afraid or you are trying to cover up your anxieties.

However, there are several variations on these poses that can give a more accurate reading into whether or not a person feels afraid or relaxed when they are sitting with their legs crossed. If you are sitting comfortably in your chair with your legs crossed and one foot pointed in the direction of the person sitting across from you, it shows that you are enjoying the conversation and that you are confidence in what you are saying.

On the other hand, if you are sitting in a cramped space, fidgeting, or have your legs tightly crossed, it is quite likely that you are experiencing discomfort. It seems as though your thoughts are fully preoccupied with something else right now.

When you sit with your legs crossed during a discussion, it gives the impression that you are uninterested in what is being said, particularly if one of your feet is facing toward the door or away from the person you are speaking to. It has been observed by professionals that in a professional context, a person who is seated with one leg crossed is more likely to dismiss ideas, speak less, or even be unattentive in comparison to those who are seated with open gestures. To make matters worse, if you additionally cross your arms, it is an unmistakable sign that you are distancing yourself from the discourse.

Sitting Position #4: Ankle-Crossed

Sitting Position Ankle Crossed Personality Traits

Characteristics such as being sophisticated, refined, earthy, self-assured, regal, ambitious, and defensive are essential.

Did you know that sitting in a position in which your ankles are crossed is a popular posture for members of the British Royal Family? If you sit with your ankles crossed, you have a stately and elegant approach to life, much like a queen. You exude class and sophistication while maintaining a humble demeanour. You have the ability to give the impression of extreme self-assurance and ease in any setting. You don’t freak out very often, and when you do, it’s usually because you’re alright with things going at their own pace. In point of fact, you have the power to instil a sense of self-assurance in everyone else in the room.

To accomplish what you set out to do, you are going to put in a lot of effort. Your ambition is contagious. You have an unshakeable faith that all of your efforts will eventually bear fruit.

You have excellent listening skills, and everyone trusts you to keep their confidences. You, on the other hand, will never reveal any of your secrets to anybody else or discuss your plans for the future. Regarding the details of your personal life, you have a rather arrogant attitude.

You also have a tendency to be quite concerned with the way that you look. You would make sure that your outward appearance was appropriate for the situation at all times. You are skilled at disguising your discomfort or insecurity in a manner that is sophisticated.

Researchers that study human behaviour and psychologists have found that sitting with one’s ankles crossed can be a sign of defensiveness and insecurity in some people. For instance, research conducted in the disciplines of law enforcement, the military forces, and other fields relating to these areas has indicated that the majority of people who sit with their legs crossed during an interrogation exhibit a high likelihood of withholding information.

Sitting Position #5: Figure Four Leg Lock

Sitting Position Figure Four Leg Lock Personality Traits

Characteristics that are essential include being dominant, dominant, young, secure, content, argumentative, and competitive.

The Figure-Four leg lock sitting posture makes it appear as though you are sitting in the shape of the number 4, with your legs crossed and one ankle resting over the knee of the opposite leg. If you adopt a sitting position known as the “figure four leg lock,” it indicates that you are self-assured and commanding of the situation. These days, women are the ones who are most likely to have this condition. On the other hand, if you sit in a figure four position with your legs crossed, research shows that you are more dominant, calm, confident, and youthful than people who sit in other positions. This is true regardless of whether you are a male or a female. You have confidence in yourself and are happy with who you are. In spite of the fact that you are acutely aware of the absence of something, you will focus your thoughts and efforts on achieving your goals on your own.

You are going to plan out what you want to accomplish and then work diligently toward that end. You place a high value on advancing your education and launching a successful career. It does not imply that you do not take pleasure in other facets of life; nevertheless, it does mean that you will always work extra hard for your career, especially on days when you do not feel like it.

The same way that this sitting style takes up more physical space, persons who choose to sit in this manner also value their personal space and independence. As a method of staking their claim on your territory, they will typically take up residence in larger rooms, wardrobes, or any other physical place they have access to.

People who sit in the figure four position are more likely, according to the observations of behavioral specialists, to hold the belief that everything has its appropriate time and location. They perceive a divine pattern in the workings of everything.

They also have a strong propensity for dressing stylishly and taking care of their appearance. However, they also have an argumentative or competitive temperament, and it is highly possible that they will reject any viewpoints that differ from their own.

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