‘Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski & JVN Tweet They Are ‘Finally Together’

JVN and Antony

JVN and Antony

Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porovski are officially together — or at least that’s what they want us to believe.

both of Queer Eye The stars and long-time friends posted on their social media today that the two are “finally together” and shared intimate photos.

“Some personal news,” Porovski wrote on her Twitter alongside a photo of herself holding hands with Van Ness in a red dress in a T-shirt and jeans. “After years of joking about it, we’re finally together. Here’s to giving things a shot 🙂 More tomorrow.”

Van Ness posted her own, another photo of her in the same outfit, almost certainly from the same shoot, with her own caption.

“We are finally together,” Van Ness wrote. “Details tomorrow, but know that we are very happy and feel supported by the people around us.”

Back in 2020, Van Ness married her partner Mark Peacock. “I got married to my best friend [and] A loving partner to continue building my life,” she said in an Instagram post.

While there is a chance that Powarski and Van Ness could get serious and enter into a polyamorous relationship, it is also possible that both Queer Eye The stars are teaming up for a business relationship, not a personal relationship.

As Twitter user @katieisgolden puts it, “Antony and Jonathan yesterday: Haha oof Auto-Crop, anyway here’s our new alcohol line. Here’s to giving it a shot (get it). “

However, we can always hope that the two stars have indeed found a lot of love together. I mean, wouldn’t it be a great moment for poly representation to see two stars of this caliber openly in a poly relationship??

Guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out the truth!

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