Sims 4 Werewolves Sport Pack Launches June 16: All the pieces to Know

The Sims 4 Werewolves, the brand new recreation pack from Digital Arts and Maxis, launches June 16 for Steam, Origin, PlayStation and Xbox. The brand new pack will introduce gamers to the world of Moonwood Mill and the power to show right into a werewolf. 

Forward of launch, builders held a preview demo of the pack, which is able to add a brand new stage to established supernatural gameplay. Increasing on the sport packs that launched spellcasters, vampires, aliens and ghosts, Sims 4 Werewolves enables you to discover lycanthrope life. 

This is what gamers can sit up for within the pack.

Welcome to Moonwood Mill 

The Sims 4 Werewolves features a model new world: Moonwood Mill. Werewolf Sims have made this deserted manufacturing facility and logging city bordered by untamed wilderness their residence. The brand new world felt like a mixture of Granite Falls (Outside Retreat), Forgotten Hole (Vampires) and Evergreen Harbor (Eco Life-style). 

The brand new world homes two werewolf packs and some new tons, three of which have been designed by Sims YouTuber James Turner. Moonwood Mill may also function new story gadgets just like the Moonpetal Flower at Howling Level, the elusive Luna Fish in Lake Lunvik, sparring pits, entrances for journey moments and underground tunnels. 

And the place would werewolves be with out the moon? The brand new recreation pack options moon phases that can impression werewolf Sims. Beforehand in-game nights solely displayed full moons, however now gamers can inform what a part of the lunar cycle they’re at present in (much like monitoring your eco-footprint or the season in different packs). Your werewolf Sim might have elevated abilities and temper modifications throughout sure moon phases. 

Sims 4 Werewolves gameplay still

The brand new recreation pack will embrace new Create A Sim choices, construct gadgets and storytelling choices.


The pack additionally consists of new construct and purchase gadgets like a mossy roof, claw mark wall decals, industrial fashion furnishings and a smaller telescope (which unlocks a brand new meteor-related demise for Sims). I really like creating rundown builds or fixer-uppers when enjoying The Sims 4, and these new gadgets have already given me dozens of concepts. 

Werewolf 101

Moonwood Mill is residence to 2 werewolf packs that your Sim can attempt to be a part of: the standard Moonwood Collective and the scrappy Wildfangs. Sims can be a part of a pack by finishing trials, which can be found by interacting with the group’s pack chief. Trials embrace displaying off your howling abilities, sparring, presenting the pack chief with a present and extra. As soon as your Sim is within the pack, they have to preserve the pack’s values to stay in good standing. The sport leaves quite a lot of room to your personal storytelling: Mix in with the pack, overthrow the Alpha or reside as a lone wolf? You will not have the ability to begin your personal pack, however you’ll be able to create a werewolf membership with the Get Collectively pack.

Like occult Sims within the Vampires recreation pack and Realm of Magic, the Werewolves pack requires your Sim to stage up. Being a werewolf features a talent tree that your Sim can advance by means of with capability factors, unlocking qualities like marking their territory, the power to journey quicker by digging tunnels or napping wherever.


Will you be a part of the Moonwood Collective, the Wildfangs, or strike out by yourself? 


The pack additionally consists of at the very least one new aspiration — Wildfang Renegade, which might apply for Sims who wish to be a part of that pack. It is seemingly there is a corresponding aspiration for the Moonwood Collective. 

Just like the globe of magical cost for spellcasters, werewolves have a singular wants panel. Along with a wolfish urge for food, you will want to observe your Sim’s fury orb. In case your fury orb fills up, it might set off an uncontrolled transformation and rampage. Managed transformations is a talent that have to be mastered.

And, sure… you’ll be able to woohoo as a werewolf. 

The pack features a new werewolf-specific romance choice known as Fated Mates. In keeping with the builders, teenagers and older werewolves can discover a Fated Mate in one other werewolf. As soon as two Sims are Fated Mates, the pair get elevated romantic relationship loot features, particular sentiments and their relationship can’t decay. As well as, in the event that they romantically work together with a Sim that is not their Fated Mate, they may get a tense moodlet. 

Designing your Sim’s werewolf type


Your Sim’s werewolf type is very customizable. 


Like vampires, you’ll be able to hyperlink or unlink your Sim’s werewolf type to their human type. You may customise virtually each facet of your Sim’s wolf type in Create-A-Sim. Select how your wolf’s howl sounds and the wolf pelt has tons of customization choices. Additionally physique scars are actually out there for the primary time.

You may select the coat shade and sample manually or scroll by means of premade pelt swatches. This facet works a bit just like the Cats and Canines growth pack. Preserve your wolf type conventional or get artistic with Paint Mode, handbook drawings, stamps and stencils. 

The pack comes with some new eclectic grunge outfits that your Sim — werewolf or human — can put on as properly. Although, in case you maintain your Sim in werewolf type, different Sims might need a frightful response to you. There’s additionally a really cute new wolf-onesie for toddlers. 

Take a look at the trailer right here: 

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