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America’s Got Talent — “Audition” Episode 1705 — Pictured: Mr. Pants — (Photo: Trey Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

Last week, eg America’s Got Talent As season 17’s qualifying rounds began, the judges openly questioned their decision to put novelty act Ben Lapidus — a cheesy singer whose entire shtick was based on his obsession with Parmesan — through the live show. done This week, with 11 more contestants competing during two rounds of qualifiers, head judge Simon Cowell was surely filled with even more regret when it was time for the equally one-note Mr Pants to perform.

But London-born Simon should have realized this was a mistake. After all, “pants” is British slang for “not very good.” And Mr. Pants, well, wasn’t very nice.

Mr. Pants is the “live and unzipped” alter ego of Ryan Dee, a New York City prop comic who tells jokes about pants as a giant pair of daddy-approved khaki dockers. (Couldn’t he At least (cosplay as a fashionable pair of leather rock-star trousers?) His audition a few weeks ago was good for a few jokes, but as Ben Lapidus’ act quickly got old when he sang about Parmesan cheese. Again Last Tuesday, this week Mr. Pants made his welcome. He didn’t have a leg to stand on. He was getting loose.

Sample jokes: “I ran backstage in a shirt. Why is it that shirts are always acting like a top on me?” “Do these pants make my face look big?” “I’m a family man first. My son is into shorts. His favorite band is the Shins.” ” My best friend Roy drank on suede, rode the dryer on hot, and then it shrunk. Now it’s corduroy.” “My ex-wife sued me for taking off my pants. She left me for a pair of overalls because she offered more support.”

You get the idea. A frantic Simon hit his red X at the same time that Mr. Pants made a rant about sending his incompetent son Shorts to Old Navy, and when Mr. Pants ad-libbed by the seat of his pants and just kept going, it was obvious. That his work was coming apart at the seams. His routine was none of the fun I wrote about in these last two paragraphs. Even taking off her big skivvies didn’t help, although it did prompt her best one-liner of the night: “Now I have even less material!”

“I thought maybe if you came to a live show, there would be more jokes about other things,” Simon said — though, as Sofia Vergara pointed out, the guy has a stage name. mr pant. “But he should come out as a sock or something – something different,” argued Simon. “In my opinion, it started bad and really got worse.”

Corny comedian Howie Mandel really enjoyed Mr. Pants’ “off-the-cuff” act, and fellow judge Heidi Klum also enthusiastically condemned Mr. Pants’ newly exposed knees. But mostly AGT Fans on Twitter agreed with Simon posting: “If I had an X I’d be pushing it for Mr. Pants. Why did you guys let him go?”

The two qualifying contestants from this round will advance to the September 13 finale, and I think it’s safe to assume that Mr. Pants hasn’t gotten a leg up on his competition this week. I also think it’s unlikely that TikTok-famous “musical fairy” Freckled Zelda, singing impressionists The Brown Brothers, stand-up comedian Aiko Tanaka, or pop/soul singer Win Starks will make it through, though the latter two have. Gave a solid performance.

But it was a strong week, with Simon predicting big things for Dolly Parton-backed country trio (and group Golden Buzzer) Chappelle Hart, Argentine acrobats duo Rings, or Chicago drum corps The Pack Drumline. Dance troupe Fusion Japan, tween singer (and Howie’s Golden Buzzer) Madison Taylor Baez, and magician Yu Hojin also have a good shot. And in the case of Yu, Simon once again expressed regret AGT Verdict – because he said so no For Yu’s audition – declaring, “I’m officially an idiot” after Yu impresses her a second time.

It will be close, but I’m going to predict that the top two, as voted by America, will be Chappell Hart and Yu Hojin. And below will be two… Mr. Pants’ left and right legs. See you on Wednesday for live results.

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