The Strongest Weed Strains On Earth

Reaching 32.13% THC, the Chem has achieved what most of us thought was impossible and leaves us asking one fundamental query: Just how high can a flower go in terms of potency? The Brotherhood was another organically grown entry that hit practically 28% THC. Propagated from seed, her lineage stacks up like this: (Willie‚Äôs Wonder … Read more

Treat Synthetic Cannabinoids As Public Health Issue, Report Says (3)

Marketed as “legal Top 10 Strongest Weed Strains In 2023,” syncans should not marijuana, based on the report’s creator, Katharine Neill, the Baker Institute’s Alfred C. Glassell III Postdoctoral Fellow in Drug Policy. Known by a variety of names, including Kush, K2 and Spice and often sold in colorful packaging, syncans are manufactured chemical compounds … Read more