The Largest Variations Between July Leos & August Leos

Simply because we share a zodiac signal with somebody doesn’t essentially imply we’ll have loads in widespread with them. Actually, a number of the zodiac’s lions really feel passionately that July Leos and August Leos might as properly be from fully reverse sides of the cosmic jungle. Everybody’s zodiacal make-up is exclusive, after all, and private planetary placements will range based mostly on the 12 months, day, and even hour that somebody is born. However are there any precise astrological variations between July Leos and August Leos? The reply is difficult.

There are many astrologically-based explanation why individuals with the identical zodiac signal might be very completely different, as our solar indicators are just one small piece of the advanced puzzle of our beginning charts. So whereas Leo season dates are roughly July 23 by means of August 22, anybody born throughout that point might have completely completely different moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and rising zodiac indicators relying on the precise date and time they have been born. These individuals might share some core Leo qualities, however have main distinctions in the way in which they impart, conduct relationships, course of feelings, specific themselves, and take motion on issues.

In conventional astrology, every zodiac signal was damaged up into three subdivisions referred to as decans, and these groupings change the way in which an indication’s power is expressed. Every signal spans precisely 30 levels on the zodiac wheel — so the primary 10 levels of an indication signify the primary decan, the second 10 levels are the second decan, and the final 10 levels are the third decan. The solar travels roughly one diploma per day throughout every zodiac signal season, in order that signifies that all July Leos are first decan Leos, whereas most Leos born in August (with the occasional exception of these born on August 1 or 2) are both second or third decan Leos.

With decans in thoughts, let’s check out a number of the main variations between July Leos and August Leos that deliver a deeper layer of complexity and selection to the zodiac’s resident fastened hearth signal.

1. July Leos Are The Most Stereotypical Leos

Leo’s ruling planet is the solar, however most Leos born throughout August are both second or third decan Leos — which implies they’ve secondary co-ruling planets that affect the way in which their Leo power shines by means of. As a result of first decan Leos (born in July) are solely dominated by the solar, they often embody essentially the most unadulterated of Leo qualities. All of the strengths and weaknesses sometimes related to Leo power will often present up extra prominently and clearly in July Leos — like drama, creativity, confidence, courageousness, and a robust longing for consideration.

2. August Leos Are Extra Opinionated

Most Leos born throughout August are both second or third decan Leos — which implies they’re co-ruled by both Jupiter (planet of progress) or Mars (planet of motion). Each of those planets deliver a extra zealous and opinionated nature to Leo’s regal power — so in case you’re an August Leo, you may end up taking a stronger stance on issues or moving into philosophical debates with pals extra usually than July Leos.

3. July Leos Are Pure Consideration-Magnets

Because the singular signal dominated by the solar, all Leos like to take the highlight — however nobody attracts a crowd fairly like a July Leo. As first decan Leos who’re arguably blessed with the strongest dose of the solar’s astrological heat, these naturally glamorous and charismatic individuals can’t assist however seize individuals’s consideration. In fact, this could typically make them slightly overly entranced by their very own reflection, so it’s necessary for these lions to remain humble (a top quality that comes slightly simpler to most August Leos)!

4. August Leos Are Extra Spontaneous

Leos are one of many fastened zodiac indicators, which implies they’re good at following by means of on issues and have a tendency to have a robust work ethic. However as a result of most August Leos having happy-go-lucky Jupiter and headstrong Mars as further planetary influences, these lions are likely to have a wilder spontaneous streak than their July-born counterparts. Whereas all Leos are fairly regular with regards to making choices, most August Leos have a stronger tendency to comply with their impulses and make strikes on a dime.

5. July Leos Are Extra Creatively Expressive

As first decan Leos, July Leos are purely dominated by the life-giving solar, which boosts their pure need to precise themselves by means of creativity. All Leos are pushed by their ardour and have an innate want to offer type to their self-expression, making them proficient artists who’re dedicated to their hobbies. However July Leos might discover themselves doing so in a extra tangible or seen approach — resembling by means of visible artwork, music, or efficiency.

6. August Leos Are Pure Leaders

All Leos are celebrated for his or her courageousness and confidence, however August-born Leos are typically much more naturally bold than July Leos. That’s as a result of about half of August Leos are co-ruled by the planet Mars, which is all about taking motion and conquering targets — and this provides them an astrological edge with regards to management abilities. August Leos are likely to march to the beat of their very own drum and have the next drive to take initiative.

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