Tom Hanks Writes First Novel Inspired by ‘Important Lessons’ from His Hollywood Experiences

Tom Hanks is writing what he knows.

The two-time Oscar winner penned his first novel, The making of another major motion picture masterpieceon May 9, 2023, about the film business and the production of a “huge, star-studded, multimillion-dollar superhero action movie and the humble comic book that inspired it,” according to an official synopsis.

Hanks, 66, tells PEOPLE that the plot is drawn from his personal Hollywood experiences.

“Every character in the book does something that I’ve experienced while making a movie, as well as discovered a philosophy or learned an important lesson. Even the silly moments are some stunt that I pulled or I have escaped the mistake,” he says.

The making of another major motion picture masterpiece Spanning several decades, American culture has changed since World War II. One part is set in 1947, a soldier returns home from war who leaves a lasting impression on his gifted 5-year-old nephew. The boy grows up to draw comic books in the 1970s, making his uncle one of his characters.

Then, in the present day, a director decides to adapt that comic book into a big-budget superhero movie. The book’s characters include a “very difficult” male actor and a “brilliant” leading female actress, as well as an “eccentric” director, producer, production assistant and other eccentric crew members.

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Tom Hanks novel

Tom Hanks novel

Courtesy of Knopf Publishing Group

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Throughout the novel there are comic books written by Hanks and illustrated by Robert Sikoryak.

“The source of a film can go back any number of years in history. A story turns on a moment in someone’s life, then all the present-day episodes amplify that moment,” explains Hanks. “It makes sense to go back to 1947, as to start in 1559. Human ambition has proved eternal.”

“No one knows how to make a film – although everyone thinks they do,” he adds. “I’ve made a lot of films (and four of them are great, I think) and I’m still amazed at how films come together. From the spark of an idea to the image flashing on the screen, the whole process is a Is. Miracle.”

Tom Hanks, author photo

Tom Hanks, author photo

Austin Hargrave

Hanks, who also wrote the best-selling 2017 collection of short stories unusual typeSays, “Making a film is very hard work over a long period of time that includes many moments of joy slapped against an equal number of feelings of self-loathing. It is the greatest and greatest job in the world.” . The confusion of workers I know. I hope the book captures the ‘accidental judgment and general carnage’ that goes into the motion picture dictum to hold a ‘mirror of nature’ that I observed (and reason) at the Screen Actors Guild. joined

The making of another major motion picture masterpieceOut May 9, 2023, from Knopf Publishing Group.

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