Trump struggles to find good lawyers still willing to represent him: WaPo reports

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  • According to a Washington Post report, Donald Trump is struggling to find lawyers willing to represent him.

  • The Post spoke to several lawyers, some of whom called Trump an unlikely client.

  • Others said they feared they would not get paid after representing them.

Former President Donald Trump is having trouble finding a good lawyer to represent him, according to a new report from The Washington Post.

The Post spoke with several attorneys who spoke on condition of anonymity about the struggle to find experienced attorneys to defend Trump. “Everybody’s saying no,” one Republican lawyer told The Post, reflecting on how lawyers are dismissing the Trump camp’s lawsuits.

Another attorney, speaking on condition of anonymity, spoke about the difficulties he faced while representing Trump. He said that during his presidency, Trump would tweet about Mueller’s investigation against the advice of his legal team. Several other people also told The Post that Trump was an unlikely client, and worried whether he would be compensated for his work.

“In the old days, he would tell the firms that represented him that it was an advantage to represent him because he could advertise it. That’s not the case today,” said Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer.

“He’s also a very difficult client in that he always pushes the envelope, he rarely listens to good legal advice, and he wants you to do what’s ethical or legal,” Cohen added. Not properly suited.”

Trump’s legal team includes people like Jim Trusty and Evan Corcoran, who have “decades of prosecutorial experience and have tried some of the most complex cases in American history,” Trump spokesman Taylor Budovich told The Post. “

“President Trump is represented by some of the strongest lawyers in the country, and any suggestion otherwise is simply motivated by jealousy,” Budovich said.

Trump is currently represented by Trustee and Corcoran — as well as New Jersey parking garage attorney Alina Haba and former One America News anchor Christina Bobb.

Trump has faced several major legal challenges this year, including an investigation in New York into whether the Trump Organization violated banking, insurance and tax laws and engaged in financial fraud. Trump made the fifth plea more than 440 times during his testimony at trial.

Trump could also face possible criminal charges following a Justice Department investigation into whether he mishandled classified documents. In executing a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago last Monday, the FBI removed 11 sets of classified documents — some marked “top secret” and related to nuclear weapons. had gone. According to the warrant, the Justice Department is investigating whether Trump broke three federal laws, including the Espionage Act.

A representative from Trump’s presidential press office did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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