Vedic astrology & earthquake

 Indian astrology, utilizing the Panchang, can calculate the upcoming astronomical occasions with full accuracy, says Acharya Praveen Chauhan

The world at the moment is technologically very superior. However, regardless of these developments, no invention until date has been in a position to predict the incidence, fatherland or the frequency of the earthquake. Though science has been profitable in establishing departments and a Richter scale to measure an earthquake, however, they’re nonetheless missing in predicting time, place and frequency of an earthquake. Scientists solely settle for a handful causes behind the incidence of those earthquakes — motion of tectonic plates; breaking of rocks throughout the earth floor; enhance of temperature within the innermost earth surfaces resulting in gasoline formation and finally volcanic eruption.

Vedic Astrology is an element and parcel of the Vedas. Astrology is the science of realizing what lies sooner or later. The utility of astrology is as clear as that of meteorology. However, a meteorological division can solely predict the climate for only some days with the assistance of their units.

Indian astrology comprises just a few pointers about the way forward for earthquakes, with the assistance of which the astrologers predict the incidence of those earthquakes. Nonetheless, Indian astrology, utilizing the Panchang can calculate all of the upcoming astronomy occasions with full accuracy.

Eclipse and earthquake: No earthquake ever occurs in the course of the eclipse interval. Nonetheless, there’s a likelihood of earthquake within the coming post-eclipse lunar part of full moon or new moon (Purnima and Amavasya, respectively).

Time of earthquake: As per vedic astrology, the likelihood of incidence of the earthquake is excessive throughout mid-day (12 pm) to sundown and from midnight to dawn.

Retrograde Planet and earthquake: When main planets resembling Jupiter, Mars and Saturn transfer to retrograde, there’s a probability of earthquake.

Planetary transits and earthquake: In Planetary transit, aside from the place of main planets resembling Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, there ought to be a compliance within the positions of main astronomical our bodies resembling Moon and Rahu, like: Mars and Saturn ought to be reverse to one another; Solar, Mars, Saturn and Rahu in Kendra (1st, 4th, seventh and tenth home of horoseope); Solar, Mars, Saturn and Rahu transit to eighth home of horoscope; Shadasthak Yoga of Mars and Saturn, Mars and Rahu, and Solar and Mars.

Such planetary transit conditions enhance the prevalence of an earthquake.

Months and earthquake: As per Vedic astrology, there’s a high-probability of earthquakes throughout summer time (principally Might and June) solstice, and winter (principally December and January) solstice.

Meteorite and earthquake: There are a number of meteorites within the universe. However, when these meteorites are in proximity to the earth or solar, the possibilities of the incidence of the earthquake will increase.

Other than these, the place of Uranus, merciless planets (kur grah) and the collision of stars too have an essential function in bringing a couple of disastrous and devastating earthquake.

The author is a Delhi-based Astrologer and Palmist and might be reached at [email protected]

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