Vedic Astrology Yearly Forecast For 2021: We’re In For Journey

What 2020 introduced within the Vedic zodiac.

The sport relies on its historic counterpart from India—Snakes and Ladders—which replicates a Vedic astrological phenomenon referred to as the “snake of time.” This happens when all of the planets are situated between the north and south nodes of the Moon—Rahu and Ketu, respectively. When this occurs, all bets are off. You’ll be able to both go straight to the highest or straight to the underside. 

Final 12 months because the pandemic hit, all of the planets within the Vedic zodiac had been caught between the “head” of the serpent (Rahu) and its “tail” (Ketu). A few of us slid proper down. A few of us caught a fortunate break and rose up. For all of us, 2020 was a sudden, surprising shock fraught with chaos and uncertainty. 

As 2021 begins, fortunately, there is a extra predictable configuration aligning within the sky.

To find out what the 12 months forward might convey, we do want to show again the clock a bit. The “purple gorilla” sitting within the 2021 lounge is a superb conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that hasn’t taken place since 1623 (which was, coincidentally, additionally when the phrase “insomnia” was born). Starting on the winter solstice, December 21, 2020, these two giants got here in a fair nearer—and rarer—proximity not seen in 800 years.

They will be joined by Pluto within the signal of Capricorn, one other uncommon transit that final occurred in 1894. Conventional Vedic astrologers do not are likely to pay a lot consideration to Pluto as a result of its transit is the longest of all planets. It takes 248 years to circle the zodiac, so it should not affect us a lot in our day-to-day. We’re not even positive if it is really a planet or not. However alternatively, when Pluto strikes astrological indicators, its affect lasts for generations. 

With Pluto becoming a member of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn (signifying the world at massive), if 2021 had been a board recreation, it might be Threat. Your entire world order is being reconfigured. It is a problem for human rights and democracy. It is a problem for the worldwide financial system.


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What all of it means for you.

However what does it imply for you when these three planets come collectively within the signal of Capricorn? How will it have an effect on the 12 months forward and your selections? What sort of calculated dangers can you’re taking? 

In Vedic astrology, Saturn represents dharma (goal), Pluto is Yama (demise), and Jupiter is the atman (soul). The driving power of 2021 is to find a brand new life goal that is aligned along with your increased self’s mission within the face of worldwide demise, change, and transformation.

In case you are nervous about what that could be for you, chill out. You may have 20 years to work on this life goal challenge. However you will must take care of letting go of the 20-year challenge begun in 2001 that you have simply accomplished. And that may really feel like demise and its companion—grief. Whereas grief is rarely enjoyable, it is the idea for compassion and knowledge. It is a paradox that we have now to lose every little thing to realize every little thing.

On this manner, Pluto could also be crucial planet within the zodiac as a result of demise is the last word trainer. We neglect that we’re simply guests on the planet. We neglect that this life is a classroom. We neglect that every little thing that occurs is service to our soul’s evolution.

So in case you discover all this very heavy, loosen up! In Vedic mythology, Pluto (because the god of demise) is all the time laughing. My trainer used to say, “It is very curious how after we’re born everybody laughs and after we die everybody cries, but you cry at delivery and chuckle at demise.” 

We’re by no means completely satisfied when issues finish that we want did not. As Charles Dickens famously started his A Story of Two Cities, “It was the very best of occasions, it was the worst of occasions.”

Similar is true for 2021. A terrific journey lies forward.

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