‘Viper’ Merrick Garland’s Trump FBI Raid Is Just the ‘First Inning’

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Democratic strategist James Carville has a message for Merrick Garland doubters: Just wait.

“People are like, OK, but let’s wait and see a little bit. And this is like the top of the first inning. I mean, remember Merrick Garland is like a pit viper. He did the Oklahoma City Bomber case, The Unabomber case, the Olympic bomber case. And I think these guys are really methodical,” Carville said on the episode. The new extraordinary Politics Podcast.

Carville says that even if he doesn’t trust Garland, Trump and the mega-Republicans are doing themselves no favors.

“His defenses are just literally ridiculous. I mean, absurd. Like ‘he can say anything he wants.’ Why did you want it?’ And the answer is the most logical reason: He was going to sell them.

Carville also lists all the smart ones. *sarcasm* GOP-ers are running for office this midterm season and “everyone’s favorite third-party verodo” Andrew Yang.

Blame Newt Gingrich for today’s lying mega-republicans.

Then, Matt Castelli, a former CIA officer and director of counterterrorism at the National Security Council who is currently running for Congress against Trump’s Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), joined the pod. They share their plan to take down Stefanik and how. Basically a huge opportunist.

“He got some time on TV and it got into his head,” Castelli says.

Plus! Hosts Andy Levy and Molly Jongfast analyze Trump’s latest Truth Social admissions, including that he has multiple passports.

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